Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your hacks working and undetected?

The status of every hack is listed on its page. Currently, everything is undetected and working.

2. How do I get the hacks?

After you order, you receive a download link. If you have any issues, please visit the contact page or email us at [email protected]

3. How does the vbucks “generator” work?

We rely on a third-party botted service for this to work. It doesn’t work everytime so don’t count on this feature being 100%.

4. What if I get banned?

If you can provide proof of your ban, you’ll receive your money back in full.

5. Can I test the hack?

We currently only offer a 1 month subscription as our cheapest package.

5. Refund Policy?

      If you receive a ban or suspension, email us to receive a full refund.

6. Any more information I can find or read?

Check out our blog page for write ups about some of our hacks and cheats!